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The Famèe Furlane of N.A. Club was founded in 1929 in New York City by a group of Friulan immigrants living on the East Side of Manhattan. The area from 37th Street to 23rd Street, between 1st and 3rd Avenues was known as “Piccolo Friuli” at the time and early meetings were held at Marchi’s Restaurant on 31st Street.

The first President was Pietro De Paoli (1929-31); he was succeeded by Emilio de Piero (1931-35). Clemente Rosa became President in 1935 and remained in office until 1976. The Civic Club on 34th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenue, today known as the Estonian House, served as the first official clubhouse from the mid 1930’s to the early 1940’s.

Between 1948 and 1953, the Famèe Furlane headquarters was located at the corner of 28thStreet and Second Avenue. The property, owned by the Club, was soon claimed by the City of New York as the entire area underwent urban renewal. As a consequence, during the 1950’s, the Friulani were obliged to relocate to Queens, Long Island, Westchester and the distant suburbs. The members of the Famèe Furlane who had previously lived in a compact community were widely dispersed.

For more than twenty years, the Club maintained an office in Jackson Heights; it continued to sponsor both annual and semi annual events at other locations. On May 6, 1976, a short time after Peter Vissat had been elected President (1976-1999), an earthquake in Gemona del Friuli sent a shock through Friulan communities throughout the world. In New York, it reawakened the Friulani’s resolve to establish a permanent “fogolâr” or meeting place. The clubhouse in College Point was inaugurated in 1980 and to this day serves as its headquarters.

Marcello Filippi succeeded Peter Vissat as President in 1999. Today, the children and grandchildren of Friulan immigrants continue to kindle the hearth of the “Fogolâr”, and affirm their connection to Friulan culture and heritage. They have created this website as an outreach to others. The Famèe Furlane is open for dinner on Friday evenings from September to June and for special events throughout the year. You are most welcome to visit!


To bring together Friulan immigrants, their descendants, families of descendants, and friends/associates in order to:

  • Organize and promote cultural, educational and social activities.
  • Share the language, culture, history, and creative arts of Friuli with friends/associates.
  • Foster greater appreciation for the cultures of other regions of Italy, as well as Friuli, among the membership and in the broader community.
  • Record and document the contributions of Friulan immigrants to American society.
  • Maintain a close cultural liaison with the region of Friuli and the Republic of Italy.
  • To foster greater appreciation for the historical accomplishments and individual achievements attributed to Friulani.

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  2. Cemut!
    My name is Aldo Pascutto and I met Marcelo Filippi once at the Fogolar in NYC back in 2002 I think.
    My father it´s been for almost a year in NYC. He was born in Udine and grew up in Casarsa and I like to know if Marcelo or anyone who speaks italian or furlan, could please give him a call at 929-426-4548, since he does´nt speak english. I tried to get your attention on Facebook but I didn´t succed.
    Please my dad is 88 y/o and I think getting in touch with other furlans, would cheer him up.
    I´m currently living in Costa Rica and this is my whatsapp +506 8685 0909 just in case.

    grasie ed un madi tal cur

  3. Hi, I’m David Tubiolo, from Societa Val Trebbia e Val Nure.

    We’re organizing a young adult social in early January.

    We would like to send the details to the club, who shall we contact ?

    Thank you

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